Herbal Tea Lemonade

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Herbal Tea Lemonade a Starbucks Knockoff


I am a HUGE lemonade addict… Yes, it’s that serious. I would rather drink lemonade than any other beverage on the planet. There is just something special about that sweet pucker of lemon flavor that I just adore. I tend to like my lemonade high on the pucker meeter, leaning more for the tart rather than the sweet.

As much as I love regular, fresh squeezed lemonade I don’t love all the calories and sugar that come along with that. I tend to keep the good stuff only for special occasions. Starbucks has a shaken lemonade that I just adore. It’s a combination of herbal tea and lemonade and it’s divine.  Again, this is more of a drink reserved for special times due to the sugar content and the high price tag.  Soooo, what’s a girl to do when she has a craving for Starbucks shaken Passion Tea Lemonade… I DIY it of course!


I have experimented with a few different flavors on top of the Passion tea and have found three that I just love. Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion is my all time favorite paired with lemonade and then my other two favorites are Tazo Passion and Vanilla Rooibos Parfait.


I brew up some tea using two tea bags, steeped in roughly two cups of hot water. Then I transfer the tea to a bottle and add more water until the bottle is full. My bottles hold a little more than 1 quart of liquid. If your container is larger, you may want to steep more than 2 tea bags.


To make the herbal tea lemonade, fill a large glass or jar with ice and a single serving Crystal Light lemonade packet


Then I pour the tea over the lemonade mix and the ice, stir and enjoy!


+ Mason jar lid from The Mason Bar Company // Jar lid painted gold with Elmer’s gold Painters Markers +

My all time favorite herbal tea lemonade is the peach tea mixed with raspberry lemonade… To die for flavor!! What I love about this drink is the burst of fruit flavor without any of the guilt!!  What are your favorite flavor combinations?

Disclaimer // This is not a sponsored post.

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